The Best Use of VoIP and Emails For Internet Communication

In 1972, the first emails began internet communication on the Arpanet, before the internet actually arrived. By the end of the decade, emails accounted for 75% of Arpanet traffic. Two years later a paper titled “A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection” set the stage for VoIP with commercial phone use of the internet in 1995 using VocalTec software.Over the past thirty years, internet communication has evolved into an essential part of business and consumer life. Advancements are so rapid that Ray Tomlinson, the man remembered as the inventor of emails, said:”… any single development is stepping on the heels of the previous one and is so closely followed by the next that most advances are obscured. I think that few individuals will be remembered.”With Post Office Protocol (POP) and the World Wide Web, these innovations became available to the public. For business and the larger corporate environments, Microsoft Exchange has become the internet communication standard for emails.Business EmailInternet communication in the form of business email has been a boon to national and global business enterprise. As economic interests overcome the boundaries of geographic location, the communication between people that are not in the same building, city, region or country becomes more and more necessary.The logistics of this is much less complicated and less expensive with emails. The world of real-time communication has become essential. The convenience of interacting through emails removes the obstacles of time zones, datelines and the asynchrony of schedules.Email SpamOne of the main problems with email has been the abuse:
Spam email
Virus and worm
Information overloadA modern email spam filter is very successful at detecting and segregating questionable emails. However, with the advancement of spam filters, often legitimate emails are never received. In the business world, this is unacceptable.Internet Communication by VoiceBusiness VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has rapidly replaced an almost universal reliance on copper wire telephony. The valuable benefits seen by businesses and corporate customers has made VoIP the preferred form of voice internet communication. It offers tremendous benefits:
Efficient use of systems – Routing phone calls over existing data networks and multiple calls per broadband connection.
Free services – Conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial and caller ID.
Costs are lower – While regular telephone calls are billed in time segments, VoIP calls are billed by the megabyte. VoIP calls are billed by the amount of information sent over the Internet, not the time on the telephone network.
Mobility – Access is independent of location.
Security – Security protocols are already in position with VoIP solutions.Since VoIP transmits voice and data over the same network, the savings in infrastructure costs are multiplied by the inevitable savings in maintenance. The US Social Security Administration has converted from the traditional phone system to VoIP solutions for infrastructure savings of their own.Business VoIPThe VoIP solutions apply to all business communication:-Email
-Voice mail
-Phone calls
-Video callsVoIP services are flexible enough to be delivered anywhere, including cell phones. This is somewhat different for small to medium business compared to larger corporate enterprise.Inexpensive Internet CommunicationIt doesn’t matter which of the three common VoIP services you use:1) ATA – analog telephone adapter.2) IP Phones – specialized phone hardware with Ethernet connection.3) PC to PC – all around easiest and cheapest connection.The savings are large and functionality is increased for any business VoIP system. The benefit to the user is so great that large corporations like Vodaphone and T-Mobile have tried blocking the progress of VoIP in courts. Regardless of these threats the existing and potential technology is revolutionizing global phone systems and internet communication.

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